New Episodes Released!

GO GO GO! First three podcasts have dropped! Principal, Detective, and Social Worker! If you have ever wondered what these occupations are like or if you have any interest in getting into those fields, come check out the podcast!

Don’t forget about the $50 giveaway that is linked on the page!

The links below are the main pages of the podcast on each podcast service and you can find all the episodes from there! If you have an iphone, you already have the apple podcasts app so it should be straightforward! I have had so much fun doing this and thank you to everyone who has done the interviews so far!

Be sure to subscribe, share, and review wherever you listen! This is super important for us to get feedback on what you think and for you to keep up to date! If you like what you hear, be sure to review as well and lets get this podcast on the New and Noteworthy Page!

New episodes every Monday!

I hope you all have fun, learn something, and enjoy!

Apple Podcast:…/…/occupation-nation/id1449539222…



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